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Wikipedia experiencing problems? February 24, 2006

Posted by Matsu in Humor, Technology.

I guess it’s not impossible to consider that major web sites like Wikipedia could have problems, I just never see them. But, tonight I must have hit it just right because this is what I saw when I went to www.wikipedia.org:

Wikipedia problem - cropped

I guess it’s nice to remember that nobody is perfect. Nor are all web sites immune from occasional outages.



1. Pedro Pinheiro - February 24, 2006

Wikipedia sometimes has its problems, don’t forget it isn’t a commercial website. You can check how their system is doing, in terms of performance, at this location: http://openfacts.berlios.de/index-en.phtml?title=Wikipedia_Status

2. hi - January 3, 2007

1. November 30th, 2006, CBS published an online article named: [http://www.cbsnews.com/blogs/2006/11/30/publiceye/entry2218394.shtml Is Wikipedia China Really Wikipedia?]

2. International Herald Tribune – Asian-Pacific recently wrote this article: [http://www.iht.com/articles/2006/11/29/news/wiki.php Chinese-language Wikipedia presents different view of history] “But on sensitive questions of China’s modern history or on hot-button issues, the Chinese version diverges so dramatically from its English counterpart that it sometimes reads as if it were approved by the censors themselves.”

3. On December 1, 2006, The [[New York Times]] published another report by Howard W. French, titled as “Wikipedia lays bare two versions of China’s past.” “Some say the object should be to spread reliable information as widely as possible, and that, in any case, self-censorship is pointless because the government still frequently blocks access to Wikipedia for most Chinese Internet users. ‘There is a lot of confusion about whether they should obey the neutral point of view or offer some compromises to the government,’ said Isaac Mao, a well-known Chinese blogger and user of the encyclopedia. ‘To the local Wikipedians, the first objective is to make it well known among Chinese, to get people to understand the principles of Wikipedia step by step, and not to get the thing blocked by the government.”

And “the articles are already pre-censored by party-leaning moderators and users.” on the Chinese wikipedia. [http://digg.com/political_opinion/Wikipedia_lays_bare_two_versions_of_China_s_past user comment]

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