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Is this thing on? November 27, 2005

Posted by Matsu in First Post.

As my first post on the WordPress blog server, I must begin with a word of thanks to Matt and company for such a cool product and service as WordPress.

For some time I have been playing with the WordPress software on some very old (Intel P2) hardware running Fedora core 3. I have decided that my low-end server and ISP connection do not allow me to host my own WordPress site at this time, but maybe in the future if this grows then I will host this on my own server. Until then, I will enjoy this stable and very generous service.

Let the blogging begin!



1. Chris J. Davis - December 4, 2005

Welcome to the fold Matsu, if I had known you wanted on here, I could have given you an invite when it was still a closed beta, I have a number of them.

2. matsu - December 4, 2005

Chris, I didn’t know this hosting service existed until I stumbled upon it, recently. I thought I’d get some ‘real world’ experience with WordPress without the work of hosting it myself. In time, I’ll move this to my own box. At least that’s the plan.

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